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NixoTechs is a multifaceted integrated IT arrangements distributor and will be offering a range of administrations in the areas of IT, Systems Integration, ERP Alternatives, Software Development Services, Product Development, Management Consulting, Process Consulting, Business Process Re-designing, and Change supervision.

SAP Systems

SAP Systems is our excellent middle region and we’ve pool of sound Consultants, both Tech and Functional sponsored by right type of space experience and execution experience. We offer a variety of administrations in SAP and why is us nearly exactly like others is our capacity to demonstrate into reality, the worth include and conveyance perfection. Give Value include and Delivery greatness in every lines of SAP administrations
Convey sensible and Quality preparations with lessened throughput time and aggregate charge of ownership. Create specific items, which empower endeavor application mix.

Our focus

  • End to get rid of execution of BW systems.
  • Installation, gap examination, standard business content, custom-made things and custom things.
  • Removal from R/3 and R/3 resources No.
  • Query design, Web reporting.
  • Security modeling and execution.
  • Documentation and person training.
  • Customization of data resources, info cube and other SAP sent objects.
  • Integration of BW with other new sizing products like SEM, CRM and apo.
  • Performance examination of BW system and suggest corrective actions.
  • Assist the client in your choice making process in major useful areas.
  • Implementation on SAP System According to  Client Requirement

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